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How Businesses Benefit from Cyber Threat Protection Technology

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In the digital age, businesses rely heavily on their websites to inform their customers about their services, as well as offer an accessible place for them to make transactions. However, with all the benefits that accompany this era of technology, Kenny Natiss says there are threats lurking with every click.

Being cognizant of these cyber-dangers, and taking the actions needed to protect companies from them, is a proactive way for leaders to run their businesses successfully.


Cyberthreats are a way for criminals to digitally access potent information from a company or businesses online presence. This could include acquiring crucial data, like customer addresses or credit card numbers. 

However, it’s not just the clients that are at-risk. Any and all company info, like metrics and bank routing numbers, can easily be obtained through any combination (or a single one) of the following cyberthreats:

  • Adware will bombard a web page or link with a slew of ads that render the website unnavigable. Though some forms of adware aren’t dangerous, some of the advertisements may contain trojan horses- which can infect the computer system with viruses if clicked or interacted with.
  • Ransomware is a type of cyberthreat that companies need to be very aware of. If infected with this form of software, the program will hold the business’ webpage for ransom until a certain amount of money is paid. If not paid, the webpage won’t be returned, and/or data about the business will be leaked. 
  • Spyware is a form of malware that highlights that not all forms of cyberthreats are visual and loud. Companies will not be able to tell if their webpage is compromised – meanwhile, the software will follow clicks and inputs- sending the data to cyber criminals who will sell or leak sensitive information.
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Cyber Security

Cyber security involves all of the different ways a company can approach protecting their computer systems and websites from these forms of malware.

This can involve using technology (like installed hardware, software, and programs) to combat these threats. It could also mean employing people to consistently search for these threats, and instilling procedures and protocols for the company to follow in order to reduce the risk of exposure to this threatening software.

Depending on the size of the business, the cost of hiring, installing, and monitoring a cyber security system or team can range from $100-$500 a month for a smaller company or network, but can raise to $15,000 (if a company is at higher risk, or is particularly large).

Of course, the cost can range depending on what the business considers most valuable. For example, if all that’s wanted is a firewall installation, it will generally cost $450 upfront, while antivirus installation can be as affordable as less than $20 monthly. 

Benefits Of Cyber Threat Technology

When protected, companies of all kinds, from retail to client-based services, can flourish without fear of threat. Installing technology to protect from these issues will lead to a slew of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Preventing Fraud – Once a software has access to personal information, nothing is stopping them from committing crimes using your private data. This can range from financial fraud to embezzlement. 
  • Increased Productivity –  If a website is consistently under forms of attack, employees have no choice but to cease work in order to deal with the issue at hand or wait until it’s resolved. With proper cyber protection, focus can instead be put on bettering the company, rather than remedying a preventable issue.
  • Impressed Customers – Most protective technologies have banners that are visible to website visitors and clients. If customers and clients have the confidence that their information is secure, they’ll likely return- boosting one’s business reputation. 
  • Website Protection – Ensuring the safety of a webpage is a small step, but one absolutely invaluable. If a website is performing at its highest capacity, it will increase traffic and business revenue. 

The previous facts name just a handful of benefits a business can expect with proper cyber threat technology being installed but is in no way an exhaustive list. In spite of that, the advantages showcase the point that cyber security notably outweighs the potential consequences of not having it.

By Kenny Natiss

Kenny Natiss