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Cyber Security Awareness and How it Benefits Employees

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Most, if not all, security professionals view cyber security training as crucial for any successful company. Yet it often seems to benefit the employer only. Employees are expected to trudge through boring training to protect the company’s bottom line.

Employees get much more out of cyber security awareness than is initially apparent. After training, employees can utilize their new knowledge throughout their life, avoid complications for themselves and the company, and feel more competent around technology.

There is much behind these benefits to keep in mind when doing cyber security training. Below, Kenny Natiss explains the main reasons training is beneficial to both employer and employee.

Training Benefits Personal and Professional Life

No employee is only at risk of cyber-attack when at work. Each employee will be the target of cyber-crime and scams at some point. Realistically, this will be a frequent occurrence. In 2018, 14.4 million Americans were victims of identity theft.

When employees are trained to avoid scams and phishing attempts at work, they can translate this caution into their personal life. Cyber security awareness is doubly important for employees in their personal life as they will not be able to recover as easily as their company might.

Recovering from a cyber-attack costs time and money that employees might not have. Additionally, many companies have cyber insurance that employees likely do not.

Fewer Problems for Both Employee and Company

While a cyber security responsible company won’t punish employees for succumbing to cyber-attacks it can still lead to complications for the employee and their company. The fewer problems there are for the company the fewer problems there are for the employee.

This is especially true for smaller companies. If the company faces hardship as a result of cybercrime it could result in negative effects on the employees. In extreme cases, it could even lead to layoffs or pay cuts. 

Additionally, frequent successful cyber-attacks can result in repeated cyber security awareness courses. No employee wants to repeat classes they have already completed. It takes away from the time everyday work can be done. Not to mention it isn’t any more engaging the second time.

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Improved Competency

Furthermore, quality cyber security classes can provide a sense of confidence. When employees aren’t as concerned about avoiding scams and malware, they can be more focused on what they need to do.

This improved competency will reduce one source of anxiety in all areas of cyber security awareness. Employees can confidently go about their tasks without a reduction in productivity. 

This competency can also reduce an employee’s need to ask for assistance. Everything speeds up when employees don’t need to verify with others the security of an email.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of other benefits that come from cyber security awareness. Many are company-centric of course, but these and others are directly for the employee. Although many courses have been a trial to endure, many companies are finding ways to improve the courses.

With the personal benefits employees gain, all should look to become cyber security-aware experts.

By Kenny Natiss

Kenny Natiss